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Nanny Cams

Nanny Cams

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The fear of the unknown is something that always grips us. We are always conscious of the fact that something may just go wrong…

Pneumonia In Children

Children are believed to be the gift of god. They are loved and cared by most parents. Parents try their best to prevent their…


Nappy Rash

All babies have very sensitive skin. And in the first few months be careful as to which creams you apply on them. Before the…

8 General Baby Care Tips

8 General Baby Care Tips

Babies are very delicate and therefore require immense care and attention so that they stay healthy and fit. Negligence in baby care may prove…

skin care for baby

Skin Care For Babies

A baby’s skin is very different from an adult’s skin. A baby will have a very sensitive, thin and fragile skin .

Your Baby in the First Month

Your Baby in the First Month

The first month is where you are still understanding your baby, and coming to terms with motherhood. You will get advice from loads of…

Breastfeeding And Thrush

Thrush is a yeast infection that grows in baby’s mouth and then passes from a baby’s mouth to mother’s nipples causing sore and itchy…

Preventing Infants From Getting Hurt

Preventing Infants From Getting Hurt

You have worked very hard in bringing your baby to this world. Planning and getting pregnant, being diligent through your delivery and caring for…


Dangerous Things Kids Can Do

Kids can actually do the most strangest things. They do not understand right from wrong and love to try out new things. they love…

Baby Bathing Safety Tips

Baby Bathing Safety Tips

Baby bathing is one of the most enjoyable and vital steps of parenting. Bathing overactive new born often poses some difficulties to a new…

Hiccups in Babies1

Hiccups in Babies

One of the things that seem to bother new parents is the frequent hiccups in babies. These hiccups may start when the baby is…


Tips for Feeding Your Newborn Baby

You have just had a baby and along with the joy and happiness, comes along a wonderful package of caring, sleepless nights and fatigue….

sick child

Caring For A Sick Child

While your child is feeling ill, they are likely to demand a lot of attention, and may be irritable and easily bored. Most children…

Autism In Babies

Detecting Autism In Babies

Autism has become increasingly prevalent though the cause behind a child having autism is still unknown. It has been commonly believed that you can…

washing and bathng your baby

Bathing And Washing Your Baby

A large part of taking care of your new baby day-to-day will be keeping them clean. Their skin is delicate and soft, and even…

Teething In Babies

Not even your doctor can predict when your baby will start teething. The process of teething in babies is a complicated one and different…

Preparing Your Baby's Bottle

Preparing Your Baby’s Bottle

Use the straight wide mouthed bottles with a screwed top. The old boat shaped bottle has too narrow a mouth for proper cleaning and…

Food Allergies

All About Baby Food Allergies

Introducing solid foods to your infant is something most mothers look forward to. However, with the introduction of solid foods to your baby’s diet…

Planning For Basic Baby Needs

Newborn’s basic needs involve very minute details and hence it’s always better for expectant parents to make a checklist of the basic needs of…