Causes And Treatment To Vomiting During Pregnancy

Vomiting During PregnancyVomiting during pregnancy is unavoidable downside for most of the pregnant women. Some of the pregnant women take it as sign that pregnancy is proceeding well.

It is bearable for some women while for other it can be inconvenient and unbearable, in such causes; it can be dangerous for mother and fetus. There are different reasons to cause pregnancy vomiting by fallowing them you can avoid vomiting, besides avoidance here you are some treatments for pregnancy vomiting.

Causes of  Vomiting During Pregnancy

There are some common reasons for arising vomiting queasiness.

Hormonal Changes

Increasing level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) play a great role  for inducing vomiting. Other hormones such as thyrotoxicosis or hyperthyroidism are also considered to be cause to induce vomiting. A brain chemical serotonin, affects over central nervous system and gastrointestinal for making sensation to vomit. Many studies have shown that slow down in GL tract in pregnant women also causes vomiting.

Gastrointestinal Changes

A bacterium (Helicobacter pylori) that is found in intestinal tract develops peptic ulcer disease, causes vomiting in a greater percentage among pregnant women. Antibiotics are suggested to avoid vomiting in this condition.

Physiological Changes

This cause of vomiting is still controversial; it has not been proven completely that whether psychological changes may affect or not for inducing vomiting during pregnancy but some researches believe over this cause.


Home Remedies for  Vomiting During Pregnancy


Use ginger to avoid vomiting during pregnancy to sooth your queasy stomach. You can drink ginger ale in early morning to settle down your stomach. There is special brand of lollipops called the preggio pops are available on medical and maternity stores, which are made with ginger and help to settle down stomach during pregnancyand prevent vomiting.


Peppermint can be the best home remedy for preventing vomiting by soothing upset stomach. If you are a pregnant women and copping with vomiting problem, you should keep peppermint flavored gum or candies with you. When you start feeling vomiting queasiness, this gum will help you to sooth your stomach and reduce the vomiting urges.

Supplements of Vitamins B6:

 These supplements are also considered to be helpful for preventing vomiting during pregnancy. Sometimes vomiting queasiness in pregnant women is settled down by vitamin B6 supplements. Ask your doctor to recommend you, dosage of vitamin B6 supplements.

General Medications

Don’t take any medication without asking to your doctor. Medication works for preventing vomiting but sometimes taking medications can put any risk to your pregnancy.

Half Of The Sleeping Pills: 

Half Of The Sleeping Pills

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Some of the women prefer intake of half of the sleeping pill with active ingredients in Tylenol pm, for preventing vomiting during pregnancy, as pill works as a relaxing agent for your body, including low stomach, that settle down your stomach and thus prevent vomiting. Again you are strongly advised to ask you doctor before he intake of sleeping pills, that would be safest for your pregnancy.

Allergy medication:

The allergy medication Claritin is considered also helpful to prevent vomiting, as sometimes vomiting in pregnant women is triggered by the excessive production of saliva, which causes a vomiting queasiness. Claritin is helpful to dry excess saliva and eventually stops vomiting. Don’t take Claritin without your doctor’s suggestion.

Prescribed Medication

These are some medications normally suggested by doctors

Zofran:  is one of the common medications prescribed by most of the doctors, this medication is helpful to prevent pregnancy vomiting but it’s highly expensive due to being free from down siding.

Phenerga:  is also commonly described medications to stop morning sickness and thus vomiting during pregnancy.

If you are not copping with severe symptoms of pregnancy vomiting, you just started to feel queasiness of vomiting you can fallow home remedies to stop it at the beginning. If you have tried all types of home remedies and you are still not feeling well, take suggestion to your healthcare provider before attempting any type of medication.

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