Biological And Environmental Causes Of Autism In Children

Autism which is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASM) is such a type of illness which is known as “development disabilities”. It is a disorder which is generally found in children at an early age and has some typical symptoms.

Even though it is difficult to detect in the first instance, but if detected at an earlier stage can be cured to some extent if not full. A brief over view regarding the disease and the various biological and environmental causes of autism is given below.

Even though people are not much aware of this disease and at times are unable to make out the disease, nowadays it can be found in many children. Even though it is believed that heritability is the nature of the disease, the genetics of autism is not very clear.

In fact it is still not clear, which gene is actually responsible for this disease. It is believed by many researchers, that there are various factors which are responsible for this disease. Discussed below are few biological and environmental causes of autism.

Psychological and familial factors

Researchers are of the opinion that children who suffer from autistic disorder from an early age are due to their parents’ behaviour. The “early infantile autism” is found in children due to the fact that their parents were emotionally cold and sterile.

In fact, it is the parents’ behaviour and characteristic traits which are responsible for this disease. Autistic children are very sensitive and any change in the family can lead to stressful situation or an emotional setback. So parents have to be very careful while dealing their children during infancy.

Prenatal Environment

There are various prenatal conditions, which are often referred to as biological conditions are responsible for autism. The risk of this disease is involved in such cases where either of the parents is much older in age or uses any kind of psychiatric drugs during the time of pregnancy.

In fact if either of the parents is diabetic then also there are chances of the child being autistic. Some of the other factors are maternal infection and gestational diabetics which are also responsible for this disease.


Many researchers have found that those women who are in contact with pesticides or stays near fields during the first eight weeks of their pregnancy, are more likely to give birth to autistic children. In fact, insecticides and pesticides which spread from the neighbouring fields into the locality, in a way also affect the mothers to be.