Causes Of Child Behaviour Problems At School

Causes Of Child Behaviour Problems At SchoolNuclear families are becoming smaller day by day, the latest trend of planning just one kid has made the child lonelier and emotionally insecure.

Usually both the parents go out early in the morning as they have to earn good amount of money to satisfy all the needs and provide best amenities to the child. In such cases they start treating the child as a commodity or a project and everything, be it hobbies, daily routine, school, tuition is scheduled by the parents to make their lives simpler.

They hardly pay attention to the child’s capabilities, needs, emotional security and aptitude. This is what causes major behavioural problems in the child both at home and school.

Reasons Causing Child Behaviour Problems at Home And School

Every child has different needs and capacity, which depends on their personality, environment and behaviour. That is why the loneliness or the behaviour problem is different for different child. It is not that just the children who have working parents suffer from child behaviour problems. Rather some kids who have working parents develop superb self confidence. There can be other major reasons for developing behaviour problems like, changing of place or school, shyness, only child, lack of confidence etc.

There are mainly two types of loneliness first, the one which results due to family or parents and is mainly found in the kids who feel unsafe with their parents also. Second kind of behaviour problem is found due to social loneliness, which means the child feels unsafe amongst the society. For example if the child has clashing views with his/ her friends, he/ she will try to stay away from the friend circle and start avoiding them to stay alone.

Signals Indicating Child Behaviour Problems

There are various other reasons too which result in child behaviour problems in children at home and school. But before finding a solution to these problems the first and most important thing is to detect whether your child is suffering from child behaviour problem or not. The best way to do so is to keep a close eye on your child’s daily routine and his behaviour all through the day.

There are few signals or indications which will help you in finding whether the child is facing behaviour problems or not. Usually such kids are very shy and talk very less as compared to normal tendency of kids being very talkative. Instead of enjoying and playing with their friends they love staying back at home all the time and watch TV. They avoid meeting guests or any new person visiting our home.

They do not even respond to the conversation initiated by the guests.Children suffering from child behaviour problems start maintaining a distance from their parents too and after sometime you will find that they start neglecting their parents too. They become rude and stop listening to their parents. If you check their drawing copy or any other artwork you will find that they are all full of negativity and most of the times depict something full of sorrow or depression.

Whenever they sit alone they will be staring or dreaming about something which even they are not aware of. Negativity starts creeping in their personality. They will talk negative, get attracted towards negative things and there will be lack of motivation.

All these pessimistic things will start affecting their studies in bad way. Some children start showing lack of sleep or other sleeping disorders in worst cases. While in some kids it has been found that they develop a tendency to hurt themselves. Although all these behaviour problems are temporary and can be treated over the time, but if they are left untreated they can cause harmful effect on the child.