Causes Of Infertility

Nowadays most of the couples are worried about infertility. The couples may shun birth control totally and indulge in sex over and over again but still not conceive.

There can be many reasons for infertility. Modern medicine have proved that almost 35% of the infertility situations arise due to the inactive sperm of the males and the remaining cases can be attributed to the woman.

The female infertility situations may arise due to stress, medical problems and problematic reproductive systems. There are some conditions which can prevent a woman from experiencing a full term pregnancy. These are namely chemotherapy and other cancer related therapies.

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) is the leading cause behind the infertility of women. The condition actually refers to the infection of the reproductive organs including the pelvis. A damaged reproductive organ is reason enough for failed pregnancies.

PID can actually lead to short term blood poisoning. This poisoning is actually caused by the exposure to microorganisms. The 2nd most important reason for infertility could be the hormonal changes brought about by thyroid deficiencies. The prolactin level in your body can experience an increase.

An increase in prolactin level will lead to the production of the breast milk. If a woman is producing breast milk then chances are that she is not having her normal ovulation periods. There is an area of concern though. Too much prolactin can be a sure indicator of pituitary tumor; so make sure to get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

There is yet another cause of infertility which is not very common though. A scared tissue is formed when a woman goes through an abdominal surgery. This is a big and serious problem. The eggs can get moved to the uterus instead of staying stationery in the ovaries.

The condition is seen in women who have undergone multiple abortions. These abortions usually leaves behind a scared tissue which makes it impossible for a woman to conceive. Nowadays people pop pills at the drop of a hat and these OTC drugs do more harm than good.

The biggest culprits are the anti-depressants. Never ever take any medicine without consulting your doctor. For the egg cells to mature a woman needs high estrogen levels and luteinizing hormones. Unfortunately many drugs lower these levels and as a result the woman can suffer from infertility.

Male infertility, on the other hand, is linked directly with the sperm. The sperm may not be of good quality or maybe it is not that mobile. But what causes poor sperm quality? Well, if the testicles do not drop then the right amount of sperm will not be produced. This, in turn, can be caused by poor health of the individual or due to exposure to chemical metals.

On your part you can refrain from drinking, smoking and indulging in drugs. There are many factors which can lead to infertility. So you need to learn everything you can about infertility. Most couples loose hope after a certain period of time but don’t do so. With the advancement in medicine it is possible for you and your partner to live an enjoyable life as parents.