Causes Of Pregnancy Heartburn And How To Avoid It

Tummy troubles are very common, almost inescapable, in pregnant women. Pregnancy heartburn is one of those troubles that can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to relieve these symptoms.

How It Feels?

When you have heartburn, you will feel discomfort and burning sensations in your bowel, stomach, and even throat – as if a flamethrower has been planted in your gut or chest.

Possible Causes

The digestive acids are generally prevented from clogging into the esophagus by the muscle at the top of the stomach. But, during pregnancy, this muscle relaxes, which results in splashing back of those painfully acidic digestive juices. Your ever-growing uterus is another common reason for pregnancy heartburn; since your uterus is increasing in size, it takes over the abdominal cavity that eventually forces the stomach upwards toward your throat (not literally but you will feel like that).

8 Soothing Strategies

There are plenty of soothing strategies and preventive measures that you can try. Following is a brief rundown on it.

Avoid Foods That Trigger Heartburn

Avoid citrus, mint, chocolate, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, highly seasoned spicy foods and other food items that may trigger pregnancy heartburn, as they encourage the esophageal sphincter to relax. You should also avoid fat-rich diet for the same reason. The idea is to cut down the intake of greasy foods to minimum.

Schedule Your Drinks

Always remember, when you mix large quantity of fluid with large quantity of food, it distends the stomach, which eventually can aggravate the problem. Therefore, you should avoid drinking water while you are having meals – it is better to drink after or before meals. If you must drink, you should drink very little.

Have Six Smaller Meals Instead Of Three Big Ones

The idea is not to overload your digestive system. Things will soon become very comfortable for you if you replace your three big meals with six smaller meals.

Don’t Eat Too Quickly

The pace of eating also matters when it comes to reducing the tendency of pregnancy heartburn. You are very much likely to swallow air when you eat too quickly, which can lead to formation of gas pockets in the stomach. Besides that, if you also do not chew foods thoroughly when you rush through meals; it makes the digestion more difficult. When your stomach is working hard, it is very much likely to develop heartburn.

Wear The Right Type Of Clothes

The right types of clothes for expecting moms experiencing pregnancy heartburn are the ones that do not constrict your belly.

Eating And Lying Down

You should not lie down just after eating or eat while you are lying down. Besides that, in order to keep the gastric juices where they belong, you should keep your head elevated up to 6 inches while you sleep. Avoid eating a large meal just before you go to bed.


When you have to bend, you should not bend from your waist; instead, you should bend from your knees. The gastric acids may flow toward your chest and throat when you bend from waste dipping your head down.

Quit Smoking

If you are pregnant, you should quit smoking anyway. It will also help you prevent and relieve the problem of pregnancy heartburn. There are very slim chances that an expecting mom will have a heartburn-free pregnancy. But, the good is that heartburn during pregnancy is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about. The type of pregnancy discomfort disappears automatically after delivery of the baby.

Neyaz Akhtar