Causes & Symptoms Of Stuttering In Children

Causes & Symptoms Of Stuttering In ChildrenStuttering is not a problem it is just a lacuna which can be easily corrected with the help of Speech Therapy. If you find that your child is suffering from stuttering problem, then the right way is to first detect it as early as possible and then work on its correction.

If the parents are able to detect the problem of stuttering at right time in their child, they can easily correct it in few months with the help of Speech Therapy.
If this problem is not detected in early stage, it can hamper your child’s confidence level which can prove harmful for the child at later stages of life.
Prominence of Stuttering in Society

It has been found that amongst 100 people one person suffers from the problem of stuttering. It has been found that mainly the male child is the one which is prone to the problem of stuttering or speech disorder. This problem can occur at any stage of life but it is usually found that mainly 3-4 years children are affected by it mostly.

The reason being, during this stage the child is undergoing the mental development at very faster rate. During this stage they are unable to speak very quickly. This stage is known as Normal Dissiliency Stage. 80-85% children come out of this stage themselves, but the ones which are unable to tackle this stage start suffering from stuttering.

 Detect the Various Reasons of Stuttering

There is nothing in particular which can be referred as the cause of stuttering, some doctors say it is genetic, some say that the kids try to imitate someone else and that’s why they suffer form the problem of stuttering.

Some parents shower extra love and care on their children and that is one of the reasons why their child starts suffering from this problem. Sometimes the opposite behaviour of the parents like some parents are into the habit of scolding their child all the time can also cause stuttering in the child.

Some doctors are of the opinion that there can be some kind of psychological problem, which can cause stuttering in the child. Many a time’s fear or too much tension makes the child nervous to such an extent that the child starts stammering and suffers from stuttering.

Symptoms of Stuttering

The problem of stuttering is very minor at the earlier stage when the child is small, but if not detected at the right time and treated, it aggravates and develops into a major speech disorder by the child reaches the age of 10-18 years. As the time passes the child learns to live with this speech problem and it becomes a grave problem.

The person or the child suffering from it knows that he/ she is unable to talk fluently and this is due to Neurological Mistiming of speech. This results in improper coordination between the tongue and the brain.

It has been found that the children suffering from speech problem talk fluently when they are not under any pressure and are free from any tension. It mainly occurs during the roll call in the classroom etc. But it is found that the stammering children are very sensitive and intelligent. By reading all these signs you can easily detect speech problems quite early in your children.

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