Cautions For Pregnant Women

Giving birth to a child is the gift given by God to women. During her pregnancy period, women must take a lot of care about themselves so that the baby reaches the world with good health.

There are many precautions that must be carried out by the pregnant women. One among them is to avoid smoking. Pregnant women must quit smoking, because it not only spoils their health but also the baby inside.

During smoking the amount of oxygen entering in is restricted and thus the baby receives less quantity of oxygen. This leads to defects like bleeding and morning sickness and also some chemicals enters in which are more harmful for both the baby and the mother. Smoking also leads way to high blood pressure, premature birth, still birth and reduction in weight of the baby.

Next is the alcohol consumption. Pregnant mother must avoid alcohol, considering the baby’s health. Because it reduces the baby’s weight and abnormal behavior can be found. Hence it is advisable for good mothers to stop drinking when she comes to know that she is pregnant, since the child growing inside is under her responsibility.

It is advisable to take the medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. The medications that are not prescribed by the doctor may contain drugs and herbal remedies which do not suit your body conditions and are harmful for both the mother and the child. It may affect the baby’s growth.

Doing exercise at the time of pregnancy is much needed as it makes things easier during the labor time. Make sure that you are performing the exercises that are approved by your doctor, since those exercises only fit your health. Keep in mind that the exercises are of mild nature as the overweight exercises are harmful for both. The intensity of the work-out must be reduced day by day. Good exercises for pregnant women are walking, swimming and yoga which do not affect mother or the baby.

Other pregnancy risk factor is multiple sex partners, which leads to STD’s and morning sickness. Considering the mother’s age is much important as getting pregnant before the age of 15 and after the age of 35 is somewhat critical. Heart diseases, high stress or depression, asthma and bleeding are some other factors that must be considered during pregnancy period.