Changes in The Body During Pregnancy

When you discover that you are pregnant there is a tremendous amount of elation with you and your entire family. Pregnancy brings with it its own problems and complications. When a woman finds out that she is pregnant there is already a change going through her hormonal levels. This is also causing various changes in her body. If you are pregnant you will find that there is a significant change in your skin, hair and teeth. All these need to be cared for properly and carefully. Pregnancy does not mean that you cannot visit the dentist.

You need to inform the dentist that you are pregnant so that he will not take out any x rays of your teeth. You may experience pain in the teeth besides a metallic taste in the mouth. The metallic taste is normal but if you have bleeding gums or pain in the teeth you can safety visit the dentist to get some relief.

You skin is likely to experience a load of changes. You may find your dry skin becoming oily or vice verca; this is all due to the changes in the progesterone level in your body. The colour of your nipples may change and darken. As your body grows you will notice stretch marks on your breasts, bell and thigh. If you are lucky these stretch will fade away after the birth of your baby. Most people will feel a glowing in their skin. As your belly grows your skin will feel very itchy. So apply creams and powders that are available to ease the itching.

Your hair and nails also undergo some changes. Your nails may appear more brittle so keep them short and apply lots of cream to them. Your hair will also seem different .It may become unmanageable. There is a lot of hair fall after delivery; but this may start before the delivery also. You may find your hair more oily than normal and your thick hair seeming quite thin. In time all your problems will get back to normal. Nothing can really be done about it. But you can change your hair style and keep it slightly short. Eat right to keep your teeth healthy and strong.