Changes in the Ninth Month

By now your baby will laugh and cry at the correct times. She will respond well to her name and will want to be carried. She will stretch out her arms and want you to carry her. You can hold her hands and make her stand up for a little while. She will be able to sit steadily and will have good balance.

She will be able to sit on her high chair while being fed. She can roll herself from side to side, so you will have to be careful and not leave her on the bed unattended.

When she is sitting, she will be able to lean forward and pick up things, so encourage her to do that. She will be able to recognize immediate family and will be happy on seeing them. She will be shy around new people.

Give your baby more structured games like playing with blocks. She may hold onto a chair and try and prop herself up. You can begin to leave her with a baby sitter for a few hours at this stage.

She will be able to pick up small finger foods and eat it by herself. She will love the sound of noisy toys. Encourage her to start crawling by actually doing it yourself.

When you are playing structured games, allow her to watch you doing it, and let her copy it. You can build towers with blocks and let her knock them down. She will squeal in delight. Her routine will be more set during the day. She will also be sleeping through the night.

Start naming all the toys that she plays with and keep your furniture close together so that she can old on to it and learn to walk. Play familiar games with her and she will slowly start to participate with you.

Read lots of one page picture books and very short stories to your baby. Keep naming the parts of the body again and again. Take her out to your friend’s houses, and visit the supermarket and other places. She will enjoy the new experiences.