Changes In Week 7 Of Your Pregnancy

The nausea that you feel would by now get worse and you may also experience a lot of tiredness when you stand for long periods of time. You will find a little bump on your belly and your clothes will not fit you as easily as they would earlier. You will not be able to wear your regular jeans without loosening or unbuttoning it.

Your baby is about half an inch long, and if you are able to see this in an ultrasound the child would be more developed than the week before. You would be able to find small buds on the end of the arms and the ends of the legs. The doctor would actually be able to count them. These are the ten fingers and toes which are beginning to form.

The baby looks a lot more human than it ever did before. You will find that there is marked difference in your breasts. They may appear only lighter larger and the areola would appear darker. You may also feel that there are tiny bumps on them. It may also appear larger than usual. you may feel the breasts are quite sensitive to touch. This is all due to the various hormonal changes taking place in the body.

Sometimes during the end of this week, your child may also have dents i the place of his eyes, which are yet to be formed. You may be able to see his basic features beginning to set. Your nausea may not yet have reduced, however, by now you should make  conscious attempt to check on your clothes and make sure they are loose, even though you may still be able to fit into your old ones.

Avoid wearing heels and uncomfortable shoes. Wear shoes which support your feet well, and are levelled well. It is good to remember that your body has still not got used to the changes which are happening, and it is important that you take care till the end of the eighth week, after which most of your problems and difficulties during your pregnancy would have settled down.