Changes in Your Breasts when You are Pregnant

Within the first few weeks of your conceiving, you are going to notice considerable changes in your breasts. This change is going to stay as long as you breastfeed your baby. If you have small sized boobs then this is the time, when you will be fulfilling your wishes of beautiful boobs. However, women with medium sized boobs should be careful at this stage, as it might become too heavy in the later stage.

Not only the size of your breasts is going to increase during the days of your pregnancy, but also your breasts will become tenderer initially. You can notice the webs of the blue veins on the surface layer of your skin. These veins will help to transport essential nutrients and hormones, so that the breasts get ready to prepare milk when the baby comes.

The nipples of your breasts are also going to be bigger from their original size. In addition to this, the ariola around the nipples will become darker and gradually increase in its area. You may also discover few strands of hair growth around the nipples.

All these changes are the results of pregnancy hormones, mainly progesterone and estrogen. With the help of these hormones, your boobs will develop additional fatty tissues. As your breasts take proper shape from the outside, internally it becomes ready for producing milk. But it is still not produce milk, until the time your baby is delivered.

You will start milking within couple of days, when your baby will start to suck your nipples. During this time, you might feel your breasts engorged with milk. Sometimes, this situation causes a discomfort for the new mother.

To support your growing breasts, you must wear proper maternity bra from the very beginning. Do not wait for delivering the baby and then to go to the maternity store for buying these. Proper support of your swollen breasts is very much required; otherwise it might get sagged once the pregnancy is over.

When your child will stop breastfeeding, your breasts will automatically get shrink to some extent, but still it will be bigger from your original size. The dark-colored ariola will gradually come back to normal skin color, the webs of blue veins will miraculously disappear and nipples will get shortened.