Changing Diaper In Public – Some Useful Tips

Changing diapers of the baby in public is dreaded by most of the parents. Many public places like airports, stations, malls and supermarkets are equipped with diaper changing stations. In some places, the parents have to apply their common sense to carry out the task.

You should make it a point to change the diaper of your baby after a scheduled period being outdoors for long hours. Diapers do keep your baby dry for a long time but overstretching the period may invite diaper rashes. The situation of changing diapers may not arise, if you are outdoors for few hours.

Many babies are quite used to regular diaper changing habits, and they co-operate with their parents at the time of changing. Some also show signs of discomfort if they are on the same diaper for an unusually long period. In many cases, the overactive wriggly babies cause enough difficulties while changing diaper in public and the parents have a tough time in handling their babies properly.

Perfect cleanliness should be maintained while changing diapers in public places. Doctors are of the view that babies are prone to any sort of skin infection through dirty hands and unhygienic conditions of public places.

Useful tips for changing diapers in public:

Carry extra diapers, paper pads or paper towels and baby wipes whenever you step outdoors; even if you are going out for a short period of time. It is wise to remain alert than to face an awkward situation.

Clean your hands properly with hand sanitizer before you start changing the diaper. Select a suitable seat or diaper changing platform and place the paper towel or paper pad on it. Then lay the baby on the pad and slowly undress him from the waist.

Open a fresh diaper and place it under his bottom before unfastening the old diaper. If there is enough space, then place the fresh diaper beside him. Engage your baby with a small toy so that he does not create any disturbance while changing diaper in public.

Take out few fresh baby wipes and a plastic wrapper. Now gently unfasten the diaper from his waist and wrap it in the plastic cover. Always pay attention to your baby so that he does not fall down from the seat or diaper changing station.

Clean the soiled areas around buttocks and genitalia with baby wipes and pat the area dry with a tissue paper. Then fasten the diaper, already placed under his bottom and put on his clothing.

Dispose off the used diaper in proper places and do not litter it anywhere else. You must take care not to cause any discomfort to the public while changing the diaper of your baby. Remove the paper pads, paper towels and wipes from the seat or the diaper changing station and leave it clean and tidy.


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