Changing Relations

When a woman delivers a baby she experiences a whole new set of emotions and her hormones keep changing. There are a whole set of new things that she needs to learn and adjust to. Her once normal routine life is completely altered.

The birth of a baby brings with it a lot more relations. First of all the relation of husband and wife changes to that of a mother and father. Your parents become grandparents and brothers and sisters become aunts and uncles. A new relation is developed within the entire family and it is a new one for each of them and each one has a different role that they need to understand.

The new mother becomes over protective of the child and sees others as a threat and feels the baby will get attached to them. She tries to do everything for the baby herself and not liking to get advice from others. Her mother feels that her daughter is young and does not know how to handle children and would rather help in handling the baby and giving loads of tips. A grandmother feels that she has got another chance in motherhood and also begins to feel young again. At times the new mum does feel threatened.

This is all a natural process and each one in time will understand their role in caring for the baby and mend their ways accordingly. When you come home from the hospital you come as three and the time you had given to your husband somehow comes to a standstill. Some men feel angry at the baby and feel threatened.

A new mother’s job is the toughest and she has to manage each role correctly and adjust to them carefully. She needs to create a correct bond between the grandparents, the infant and the father as she is the one who plays an important part in each of the new relationships that have been formed with the birth of the new baby. The key to this is to be calm and allow the grandparents some frr time with the new born and use that time to spend with your husband and try in a way to keep everyone happy.

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