Checklist For The First Day Of School Of Your Daughter

First Day Of School Of Your DaughterIt is quite evident that the first day of schooling of the kid not only is a new experience for the child but it arouses a sense of anxiety and eagerness in the minds of the parents too.

In case if you are the mother or the father, you might start contemplating on how will you prepare your kid for the first day of school, what must be the kid’s attitude towards the teachers and other fellow class mates and also how will the child behave in his or her school.

While some of the things are not in your hands, some factors are there that you can determine. One such thing is to ensure that the kid attends the school fully equipped.

Therefore, in this article we will see how you will prepare a check list for the first day of school for your baby girl. Read the article and act accordingly.

Check list 1: Get Hold Of The Right Clothing

Clothing is the vital thing in your check list. The first schooling experience of a kid is generally a playschool. While some playschools prescribe a specific uniform, other allows casual dresses for kids. Whatever may be the dress, ensure that they are properly washed and cleaned.

You must iron them properly too, so that they are not crinkled at all.  In case of recommended uniforms, follow accurately what is advised regarding the length of the uniform, the stitch, the color and the cut. In case of casual dress, do not insist on too much of a fancy dress.  Stick to simple cuts and sober colors. Keep in mind the season too in this regard.

Check list 2: Pay Attention To The Clothing Accessories

Now, turn your attention towards the socks and the shoes. For these two clothing accessories too the school can have specific recommendations as well. In case of socks, if the school prescribes a particular color and length of the socks, follow that meticulously.

In case there is no restriction as such, opt for simple white socks that are of ankle length. Never go for fancy, printed and laced socks for school. For every situation, always insist on purely cotton socks as the fabric will not react with the skin of your baby daughter or not sweat at all when worn for longer hours.

The socks must be cleaned and washed everyday.In case of shoes, go for basic black girl’s school shoes. They must be well polished and fit in well and have buckles to fasten up.

Checklist 3: Hairdo For Your Daughter

If your daughter has long hair, ensure that you have tied it up neatly and clipped it, so that it does not come over her face. Similarly, if the hair is short, plait it well and clip it or put a hair band. She should not get distracted by her loose hair while studying.

Checklist 4: School Stationary

Carefully examine that your daughter carries all the required schools stationeries like extra pencils, erasers, sharpeners, books, exercise copies, rulers, etc. Check the routine properly and arrange the right books needed for the day.

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