Chicken Pox in Children

Even though chicken pox can occur at any age, it is more common in children. Most children get it before the age of six. Chicken pox usually appears as rash or spots which is first seen on the back or the abdomen.

If you hear of other children getting chicken pox, you should understand that if your child experiences fever, or any mild illness that is the actual onset of chicken pox.

Chicken pox usually appears about twelve days after the actual infection. It is the days prior to the spots appearing that it is most infectious. Once the spots have appeared, they can spread all over the body ver quickly. They are usually filled with a kind of fluid which dries up in five to six days leaving dry scabs which fall off slowly.

This illness causes a lot of itching in a child. The application of powder or calamine call help stop the itching and soothe the skin. It is better to get chicken pox at a very early age as it is always usually more mild. The older you are, the more severe is the chicken pox. This usually occurs once in the lifetime of a person, and in rare cases could happen twice.

If you know someone who has chicken pox it is not a bad idea to expose your child to them so as to allow the child to get it quickly and be done with it. Care should be taken not to scratch these scabs out as they would then leave scars on the body.

If, by the age of eight your child has not got chicken pox, there is a vaccine which can be against chicken pox. Although this vaccine cannot guarantee you against the disease, it will make sure that the attack is much milder and less painful. It is a good idea to get the vaccine for chicken pox, since it also protects you against more deadly forms of this disease like herpes.

The duration of this disease is about fifteen to twenty days depending on the severity. Try and keep the patient isolated and clean during this time.