Chicken Pox in Your Pregnancy

If you already had chicken pox infection in your childhood or you have taken immunization against this disease, then you have much less chance of being affected with this virus during your pregnancy. But, if you do not fall under this category, then you are susceptible to this virus, in case you come across an infected person.

As you know, this infection by varicella virus causes blisters all over the skin. Gradually, these blisters get filled with body fluid and create an itchy sensation. At the beginning, couple of blisters appear on the abdomen or back portion.

Within a day or so, the whole body gets covered with these red, bumpy blisters. The fluid-filled blisters eventually break and get crusted of their own.

If you are infected, you may feel little feverish for few days. You are going to have difficulty in swallowing food items, as these blisters even appear inside the throat or mouth.

The main concern is that during your pregnancy days you will need adequate nutrients for you and your baby. So, you have to eat and swallow with difficulty for the sake of your baby.

To some extent, you can substitute your foods with nutritious liquid diet, but you cannot substitute all the meals of the day. You must follow the suggestions of your physician, during this time.

In case you are infected with this disease in the early stage of pregnancy, then you need not to worry about your baby, because at this stage she is too young to develop the varicella infection in her body.

Again, if you have the infection in the later stage, then also there is less chance of any serious damage like congenital varicella syndrome. However, you will feel most uncomfortable with itchy blisters all over your body, in addition to the existing pregnancy discomforts.

But the most precarious stage will be, when you are infected with this virus just a week before your delivery date or within a week of your delivery. In this situation, it is highly possible that your baby is also going to get infected with the same virus, as she has minimum immunity at this time.

Consult with the pediatrician before your delivery and take all sorts of precautionary measures to keep your baby unaffected from this virus.