Child Social Development

Parents have an important part to play in teaching manners and etiquettes to their children. From a very early age, the upbringing of the children should be closely monitored to ensure that your children cultivate good manners and etiquettes.
Teaching manners and etiquettes to children is an easy task and ensures that your children grow to become genteel and sophisticated individuals in their life.
Children are like pieces of clay which can be molded in whatever shape you desire. Children learn the most from mimicking the habits and manners of their parents. Hence, as responsible parents you should always try to project your best behavior in front of your children. Children will inherit the vices or virtue, which ever are exemplified in their presence. If you do not want your child to be loud and impolite, then ensure that you avoid angry outbursts in presence of your children.

Avoid having fights or arguments with your spouse in front of your children. Teach your children to be polite and soft-spoken towards other by exemplifying the same behavior with your friends and family.A child’s personality and temperament also play a crucial role in the development of good manners in them.
If your child learns slowly, be patient with him instead of yelling at him for not fulfilling your expectations.Give extra time to your child and encourage them to adopt courteous behavior. Be a civil teacher to your child instead of being a rude instructor.
Make your child understand the need to be gracious and well-behaved. Once your child knows that it is important to be civilized and courteous, he will put more effort in cultivating good manners. If your child exhibits inappropriate behavior, be polite with him and explain what is wrong with such behavior.Punishing your child for rude behavior will not solve the problem.
Instead it will make the child obstinate and angry. Correct your child when they are wrong but ensure that you don’t embarrass them. Encourage your children to use words like “please”, “thank-you” when speaking to others. Nurture your child in a way that he grows to be a courteous person by teaching him good manners in childhood itself.