Childhood Obesity – A Serious Concern For Parents

It is important that your children are fit and healthy, yet many western children are not. With global childhood obesity on the rise health experts are concerned that the trend will continue as more children become obese.

Over weight and obese children often find that they are the subject of jokes and bullying as their peers tease them.

Children who suffer from childhood obesity
will likely find that they will be obese adults. They are more likely to suffer from other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and more. Poor health can be prevented if childhood obesity is reversed. Parents need to seek help from their family doctor to give their children the best chance to lose weight.

Encourage your children
to play sport to prevent childhood obesity. A combination of fast food as well as computer games, television and other indoor activities has produced nations of obese children.

Obesity is a problem in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom as children have greater access to convenience food.

These and other western countries will likely find that childhood obesity will cost them a significant amount of money, time and resources rather than spending in on sick people.

The world health budget will likely be crippled as it copes with an obesity pandemic. If you wish to prevent your child from being another statistic you need to make sure that you look after his or her health.

Commercial television influences young children particularly if they find they watch it all day. Advertising is powerful as children are susceptible to it and demand whatever fatty food they see. Obesity can lead to low self esteem as children struggle with their physical, mental, emotional and psychological image of themselves.

Make sure that you are aware of your child’s health and if there is significant weight have him or her tested for childhood obesity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned that childhood obesity has increased in the last few years. The organization fears that the problem will only get worse as children continue to eat fatty food. Health experts are concerned that obese children will become obese adults as they grow up.

If you are worried that about your child’s weight see your doctor and see what you can do to reverse it. In conclusion encourage your children to play sport and enjoy the great outdoors to help them stay active and prevent them from becoming another statistic.