Childhood Obesity-Major Concern for Parents

In this new millennium, obesity has become a major problem. It is caused due to intake of extra calorie than required by our body. This extra calorie accumulates and deposits as fats in our body which leads to obesity. Nowadays, obesity is on a high rise and affecting our kid’s health at very early age. Kids are no longer as fit and hearty as they used to be few years ago.So, childhood obesity should not be ignored rather it should be handled seriously.

For this, parents must know the reasons and the various repercussions of children obesity, which will help them to remove this deadly source of various diseases from our society. The major reasons which lead to child obesity can be summed as:

• There is lack of physical activity in kid’s life. Neither they are involved in outdoor games at home nor at school. Instead, they spend majority of their time watching TV, Internet, video games etc.

• Junk food, candy, soft drinks too are major factor for obesity. Many such fast food restaurants and junk food companies target kids in their advertisements. These influence them easily and go for that particular junk food. These food items being high in calorie make them gain weight.

• Children undergo lot of stress and tend to overeat to cope up with such stress or boredom. This leads increase waistline.

• Sometimes, genes too are responsible for obesity in kids. Such kids always have the tendency to put on weight on the slightest of negligence of good eating habit.

So, once the reason is known parents can easily guide and help their kids to fight obesity and shed those extra fat.However, this again needs to be practiced by  parents first. For this, parents need to step forward and build a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.They need to spend quality time with children,try to remove their stress and their boredom and express their love to them.This helps to build self confidence and provides motivation to kids. Inaddition,parents should plan out a regular exercise/physical activity for kids like outdoor games, skating, cycling, skipping, aerobics etc and should  join them instead of citing guidelines.

Kids should also be involved in household activities, shopping out grocery, fruits, vegetables and thus make them part of familydecision making.They should also guide them about the correct choice of food and make healthy snacks  rather than giving  fast foods..Kids should be encouraged to develop  chewing habit.

Children are parent’s responsibility.Hence; parents should take out time from their busy schedules and help their kid to grow into healthy adults by inculcating good eating habits and healthy lifestyle right from the early years of childhood

Raka Raghuvanshi