Children Discipline : How To Say No To Your Children?

Children Discipline is an important element for successful and effective parenting. The ultimate aim of disciplining a child is to develop certain good moral values and social habits in him, so that he would be able to maintain self -discipline, throughout his life.

Most of the parents think that the child needs to be disciplined only, when any negative behavior is observed in him. But, the fact is that, child discipline must start from the beginning and it should be a continuous process. It’s good to fulfill the demands of your child, but saying yes every time can lead to more of indiscipline. Parents need to understand which demand of the child is to be fulfilled and when and how to say NO to him.

The effective ways/ tips to say NO to your kids are:

Silent Language

Try to say No to your child with the art of silent language that works through your expressions, eyes and gestures. It is the most effective way, as this would not prove harsh to the soft heart of the child and your message of disapproval or saying No would be delivered effectively.

Use Humor

It is found that if any demand of the kids is being refused in a funny way, then that proves to leave the long-lasting impact on them. Use certain humorous dialects from your kid’s favorite cartoon movies. Using funny expressions of disapproval are also helpful.

Provide Substitutes

Sometimes saying plain No every time can make the child annoyed & frustrated. Parents must learn to provide a substitute for the thing demanded. For example, if a child asks for any cosmetic item of yours, then in spite of saying No, you can provide him with any game and explain him the benefits of that game for him, which that particular cosmetic item would not be able to offer.

Use Creative No

Try to say No to your child in a creative, non-punishing and soft manner. For example, if your kid wants to go to play outside in extreme cold, then in spite of saying bluntly, “Don’t go outside”, you can say that, “I don’t want my sweet child to fall sick with cold. So, let both of us play inside”. Inculcate discipline in your children in a loving and compassionate manner and act as a role model for them!