Choking Hazards in Kids and Its Prevention

Safety hazards are always a serious concern for all parents and hence parents are always on their toes to avoid such situations. They always take precautions too.However,choking hazard ,where the kids puts any foreign non food items or food items in his mouth which then blocks the throat of the kids leading to suffocation and breathlessness.As the word defines, it is one of the most serious hazards and can lead to extreme results of deaths.

Kids are always on the move. They are into some mischief or other.Hence; parents must always be alert and should not leave their kids unattended. Some of the practices which when practiced by parents can protect their kid from choking .

Its very important to develop eating habits in kids .So,parents must introduce small pieces of cut fruits or vegetables so that there is no chances of chocking them.Secondly,the fruits and vegetables must be soft ones like banana,chikoo,papaya etc rather than hard ones.

Skins of the fruits get easily choked and hence should be peeled off. Whole fruits like green and black grapes should be avoided as they have greater chances of choking kids. Children love chocolates and candies. But parents avoid giving them hard candies, chocolates, chewing gums to avoid chocking in them.

Even while palying,kids have the habit of putting their toys in their mouth. Hence, old, worn-out toys must be discarded from their toys list. Toys with small detachable parts should not be given to the kids for playing. Soft toys with small pasted accessories, beads etc should be kept away from their reach. Inflated balloons are also a dangerous choking item.

Parents must always keep the house neat and clean and should not leave any items like coins, paper pieces, small batteries, safety pins, needles, baby clips, beads, inflated balloons, toys broken pieces etc on the floor. Keep medicines, toiletries etc in the childproof cabinets.

Kids must be encouraged to play with their toys rather than other kids toys and parents must keep a regular check of their toys. Parents must feed their kids only with the age appropriate food items. Even in case of feeding puddings to their kids, parents must keep a proper consistency of the food.

Parenting is a very responsible job and hence requires lot of efforts.However, by following their job sincerely,parents can save their kids from undergoing those painful and bad experiences.

Raka Raghuvanshi