Choose the Right High-Chair for Your Baby

A high chair is needed by babies once they start eating solid foods – generally after 6 months.

Since your baby will be using the high-chair extensively for the first two years, it is necessary that you choose a high chair which is sturdy, safe and easy to use. This article discusses a few important guidelines one must keep in mind while selecting a high-chair for the baby.

The most important feature of a baby high-chair is safety. A five-point harness is recommended with straps securing your baby at the shoulders, waist and crotch. The high chair must have a wide base to ensure enhanced stability and there should be no sharp edges or other hanging items that will pose a safety hazard to your baby.

Ensure that there is a supporting post in the center of the seat. This will prevent the baby from slipping under the tray. Give the high-chair a good shake and see whether it is sturdy enough to hold a baby. You can also consider the space constraints in your home if your kitchen or dining area is small. In such cases you may opt to buy a folding chair which is compact and be easily stored without it taking up too much space.

Since you will be using the high chair to feed your infant, you must look for a chair that is easy to clean and easy to use. The tray must be easily removable and if it is dish-washer safer then it is an added bonus. The tray must have a high rim which will keep the food from falling on the floor, which will prevent the floor from becoming messy when you are feeding your baby.

The seat of your baby’s high chair must be of made of material that is easy to clean. Wood or vinyl seat with a removable cloth cover that can be machine washed is ideal from a cleaning and maintenance point of view. You should be able to easily slide the tray in and out with one hand and the safety straps must be easy to fasten and unfasten without much effort.