Choosing a Babysitter

As your child grows older you will need to start getting your life back. You will begin to go out and start socializing and may also need to start worrying again. This may be after the first year of the baby.

Most people live in nuclear families and also may not have the benefits of the grand parents and relatives living in the same town or close by. Moreover everyone is busy with their own lives and may not be able to take out time regularly to help you.

So the best thing for you would be to keep a nanny or a baby sitter. A nanny is someone who comes to your home and takes care of the baby all day and a baby sitter comes for the number of hours that you want them for. Baby sitters are more economical than hiring a nanny.

When you are hiring a nanny make sure that she is not too young especially if your child is small. Find out from your friends about baby sitters whom they must have hired and get references from them. Once you decide on a baby sitter you will need to fix a rate suitable to both of you.

Before leaving your house and leaving your baby in the care of the sitter; give her information about your child. Give her your phone number and you keep hers as well. Tell her your child’s routine and when he needs to sleep or eat. Even when you are going out try and do so when your child is asleep as the sitter could also find it difficult to manage the baby. Initially it is better to leave the baby while he or she is sleeping till you also get more familiar with your sitter.

Call home at regular intervals to check if everything is alright. Show the sitter where you keep the child’s toys and let them know what your child likes to do. Show her the books that your child likes to read. Also it is important to let her know that she needs to be with the child and care for him safely and not leave him for any reason.