Choosing a Right Day Care Center for your Child

Choosing a right day care center for your child is indeed a very important and tedious task. It needs lots of pre-planning and research and demands involvement of both parents and children. A day care center can play a very crucial role in your child’s development.

A good center can provide your child a safe and secure environment to grow up and can inculcate in him/her manners and confidence, which can help him/her during the entire lifetime. However, an unfit center can spoil your child’s childhood and innocence.

Tips for Planning

When looking for a center it is always better to plan in advance. Make a check-out list. Note down the points, priority wise, that you will like to consider. Prepare a questionnaire that you can discuss with the staff and the administration of the center.  It’s better to do some internet research, list down your options and read on-line reviews about various day care centers.

Points to be Considered

There are certain points on which you should pay attention when visiting any day care center. Carefully examine the staff of the center, are they well qualified for the job? What’s their attitude towards children, do they treat them compassionately? How quickly they respond to the children’s’ needs? What’s the staff to children ratio?

You should also examine the facility carefully. Make sure the area is clean and hygienic, the room temperature is optimum and there is enough space both indoors and outdoors for your child to play. Look out for the food provided.

Does it meet the nutrition requirements of your child? Also, ask for the policy of the center towards discipline, is it written down or not. Make sure the center meets the safety standards. You can also take the feedback from the parents of the children already at the center. Also consider the distance between the center and your home or workplace.

Additionally, you should enquire about picking-up and dropping-down policies. Inquire how frequently the parent-staff meetings are organized. Ask whether they have a doctor on-call or not or what do they do if a child falls ill.

Most importantly, after enrolling in a center notice your child’s attitude, if it’s positive than no worries but if there are negative signs than do look for an alternative.