Choosing The Best Diaper For Your Baby

You will be getting lots of advice from friends and relatives who have already had children about what your baby will need. Books you read will also give you some tips.

However, all this advice may only confuse you. Avoid asking too many people. Go to a shop that deals in new born things and the shopkeeper will be able to advice you by showing you the different things that are available in the market that you may need.

Diapers and pampers is something that you will surely need to buy before the birth of your child. It is better to buy at least twenty cloth diapers and a packet of pampers.

Cloth diapers are better initially as your child’ skin is yet sensitive and there is a higher tendency for him to develop a rash. These diapers need to be washed separately and also soaked in an antiseptic. They are also a lot more economical.

Infants can soil the diaper twice every
hour; especially if they are breast fed. To hold the cloth diapers up use safety snaps rather than pins as you could poke the baby. Cloth diapers with Velcro are also available and are very easy to use.

You can make the child wear pampers at night so that you need not get up to change him too frequently. Children tend to get nappy rash more easily when they wear pampers.

It is necessary to apply a generous amount of nappy rash cream around the area when using pampers. Pampers need not be changed for at least four hours.

Once you remove it leave the child open for at least ten minutes so that the area feels cool. Pampers can also leak so avoid buying too many of one particular brand. See which type suits your child the best.

If you choose to keep the baby in cloth diapers you will know if he is getting enough milk depending on how many diapers you change. You will also know the colour of the urine in cloth diapers.

This is especially important if you have a premature baby or a small baby as you will be asked about this by your doctor at your first visit when he weighs your baby.