Choosing the Right Child Care Option

You can decide on a child care option depending on your budget, your job or your comfort level. There are various options available in child care. It is good to see what suits you and your baby best.One of the better options is to leave your baby with a known relative or family member, preferably a grandparent who she is already comfortable with. A family member will look out for your best interest and will do the best for your baby.

This is more likely to be free service, or even a much cheaper service. You are more secure when you leave your baby in the care of a relative than with anyone else. However, there is the possibility of your baby developing a close bond with the relative as she will be spending most time with her.

A nanny is another option for child care. This can be very costly, and for some, even unaffordable. Most nannies are live ins, and they are qualified and trained for the job. A god idea is to interview the nanny with your spouse as the nanny is likely to stay in your house.

Having a nanny would also most likely cause some domestic problems in your problems. The benefit of having a live in nanny is that the child is more comfortable as she is being cared for in her own home.

Another option which is a lot cheaper is a day care nursery or creche. This involves leaving your baby for a particular amount of time. You need to see that the nursery is one which is registered and the people working there are qualified for the job. Sometimes your place of work may have a creche where you can leave your baby. Your baby will not be alone at a creche. There will be other children with whom he will be mixing. You will not be allowed to leave your baby at a day care if the infant is ill.

A registered child minder is another choice. This is someone who may have children on her own but has no actual qualification for the job. This type of option would require you to pay by the hour and the person will be looking after not only your child but a group of children.