Choosing your Pediatrician

As you begin to plan on starting a family you also start deciding on the best gynaecologist for you. You begin asking around and get feedback from your friends and relatives on the various doctors and get to know about the good and bad points of the doctors.Just as you did that it is necessary to get a paediatrician for your baby. Start asking around by the time you are in the eighth month. Try and choose someone who is close to your residence. Also make sure the paediatrician you choose will answer all your questions no matter how sill they are. It is most important that you feel comfortable with him.

Often children get sick at night also and may cry for no reason or you may not understand why. In this case you should be able to call him even at night. He should be a phone call away twenty four hours a day. Make sure he does house visits too and is friendly as he will be interacting with your baby as well.

In case you are unable to find a good one or you are amongst the first in your family and friend circle to have a baby then your doctor will suggest one to you. It is not necessary to meet him/her before the delivery. Your doctor will call him at the time of the delivery itself. But if you have already decided on one then let her know of it and provide her with his number as it is she who will call him at the delivery time.

Once you deliver your relation with your gynaecologist slowly ends and the one between your paediatrician and you and your child will begin. He will also explain you how and how much to feed the baby and will make you maintain a chart on the growth pattern of your child. A paediatrician is needed for the first eight to ten years of your Childs life after which it is alright to go to a regular general practitioner.

If you are at all unhappy with the paediatrician it is possible to go to someone else at any time. After all it is your baby and your doctor needs to give you utmost confidence.