Cleaning Your Baby’s Bottom

Looking after your baby once you are back home can be quite a task. At the hospital everything seems easy because you are not doing most of it. At home, simple things like cleaning your baby may seem like a very difficult task. Your baby will be wetting his nappy lots of times in the day and passing stools also quite frequently. You will need to clean your baby in the correct manner so as to avoid any rash or fungus from developing.

The male and the female child need to be cleaned in different ways. In the case of the girl child, when she passes stools you need to lift her legs up, and using cotton dipped in warm water, clean her from the top downwards so that no bacteria or residue goes into her vulva. Do not use the same cotton again.

Use a fresh one. You may need at least three of four cotton balls for this. You can squeeze some water from the cotton onto the vulva so as to keep it clean. You do not need to open it. Be very gentle while cleaning your baby. Apply a good amount of nappy rash cream and some powder to keep the area cool and free from rash, and only then wear a fresh nappy.

Do not leave your baby in a wet nappy for too long. Change it immediately. In the case of the boy, if you are cleaning him after he has passed stools, he may pass urine which will flow all over the place. To prevent his, keep the penis covered with a soft napkin. This will help you from spoiling the surrounding area. Never pull the foreskin back as this will cause him a lot of pain and discomfort. Besides cleaning his rectum you will have to also clean his scrotum and also the creases between his legs. Everytime he passes a stool, his scrotum needs also to be cleaned irrespective of it being dirty or not.

You should apply some nappy rash cream to the boy in the same way as you apply it to a girl child. Also apply it in the creases of his leg and the scrotum.