Co-Parenting Tips

Co- parenting is the outcome of divorce or separation where the couples share equal responsibility of bringing up their children. Divorce or separation has a very negative impact on the kid’s life. Kids need the love and affection of both the parents and co -parenting helps in providing love of both the father as well as the mother. This requires successful co -parenting which in turn requires good communication between the separated couples. It needs some extra effort to make co parenting successful.

Its very difficult to communicate with your ex .It becomes a challenge for the separated couple to stay in touch with each other.However,just for the sake of their kids ,one needs to face this challenge and take it sportingly. It’s for their kid’s well being. One should never forget that they are doing it just for the sake of their kids, as their kids need the love and support of both of their parents. Healthy adjustment is the need of the situation and hence should be followed by the separated couple.

It’s always advisable to plan and maintain a regular meeting with kids. This helps to builds confidence in the kids in the sense that they feel both the parents love them .Plan about the venue and time well in advance in order to avoid any later differences.

While meeting, parents must not talk about their personal grievances against each other and exchange hot talks. Instead they should behave normally and focus on their kid’s development. Both the parents should try to carry out their responsibility in the best possible way as parents. They should share about their kids various developments and achievements etc.

Kids need both their father as well as their mother to actively participate in their life.Hence; it’s always good to attend their school meeting, school activities jointly. Parents should always express their love to their kids by doing small-small activities.

Explain the kids in their language about the reasons for not staying together but still how both of them love him. Assure the kids that will always stay in touch with each other and that he is not the reason for their parent’s separation. Parents should never insult each other in front of their kids rather they should try to respect each other and maintain a healthy friendship .

Children are very innocent and the only constant thing they need for their overall healthy development is their parents unconditional love, affection and support.So, parents should always try to fulfill this small desire of their kids and allow they to grow without any tension and stress.

Raka Raghuvanshi