Combat Anxiety During Pregnancy

You are not normal if you do not feel anxiety during pregnancy. All kinds of fears dominate your thoughts. You wonder if the baby would be born flawless; a constant apprehension about the labor pain no matter what you are engaged in doing.

You will be gushing at the baby kicking against your uterine walls one moment and the next, fear comes surging back. Relax, it is the case even with the strongest and toughest mud wrestler.

Anxiety is a kind of mental stress that one goes through without the facility to pinpoint the reason behind it. A general tension prevails and refuses to go away. Everyday activities like climbing up a bus or stairs or go shopping to a mall may make you shy away from the crowd.

Dancing with your husband to a slow Richard Clayderman number which is always a pleasure could come coupled with a little anxiety with you thinking if he will press hard against the baby or if you will trip on his toe and fall. It is alright to have all this fears and more. Only don’t let it go too far.

Remember you are not alone any more. You are literally two people in one body. And,medical researches actively propagate the theory that what mothers go through will embed in the baby in mild to severe degree. Anxiety during pregnancy may adversely affect the health and growth of fetus. And, in later years, it may bring on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and relaxation therapy are supposed to produce good results in getting pregnant women to relax. Certainly yoga too is good. Medicines like Prozac and tricyclic antidepressants are usually prescribed by doctors which are not reactive and do not have any adverse effect on the fetus. Congenital malformation is ruled out. Celexa too has a place in doctors’ prescription list.

However other then medicine, there is great therapy call meditation, and under supervision of experts one can adopt various modes of mediation and calm the anxiety level. So be cool and be happy and give birth to a happy baby!