Common Breastfeeding Problems: Mastitis and Low Milk Supply

Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding experiences. The benefits of breastfeeding are many and cover different aspects. Breast milk is the best milk for the baby as it can be easily digested; contains all nutrients in the right proportion; and strengthens the baby’s immune system.

Moreover the emotional bonding between you and your child is more when you breastfeed your baby. Again, breastfeeding can be economical. As such, there are several reasons to breastfeed your baby. However, some women do counter a few breastfeeding problems which discourage them in nursing their babies and rather switch to formula milk.

Let’s discuss two of these common breastfeeding problems encountered by new moms. Also, let try to find out the solution to these problems so that you are not discouraged from nursing your little one.

One of the most common issues in nursing moms is mastitis. It is an inflammation of the breast caused by bacterial infection. Mastitis can not only be uncomfortable but also painful. The causes of mastitis can be multiple.

Bacteria can enter your breasts through cracked nipples and cause the infection. Plugged milk ducts are another cause for this inflammation. Also, when you do not breastfeed as often as you should be doing, the milk becomes stagnant thereby causing the infection. When it is painful, it can become impossible to nurse your baby.

Mastitis treatment is usually done with oral antibiotics. Always consult a pediatrician and let him or her prescribe the medicine. Also, a warm and cold compress on the affected area will do a world of good.

Another common nursing problem is low breast milk supply. Low supply will leave your baby wanting for more. If your baby does not latch properly to your breasts or if she or he appears discontent after being breastfed, it is a sign that you are low on milk production and supply.

The causes of low breast milk supply can be often traced to your diet. Consult a lactation expert to overcome this problem. One of the solutions for low breast milk supply is frequent breastfeeding. You are advised to breastfeed your baby at least eight times a day. Changes in your diet may also be recommended.