Common Breastfeeding Problems

It is said breast milk is the best gift of a mother to her child because of its numerous beneficial effects. The consistency and composition of breast milk is exactly is as per the infants needs and body requirement. So, a mother need not have to worry about its nutrition.

It guards against various diseases and helps in physical growth and development, as well as brain development. Besides, it helps to strengthen the mother-baby relationship. Being a mother is wonderful experience but it comes with an additional responsibility. Everyone knows that breast feeding is an important aspect of motherhood as it has numerous benefits on infants. However, a mother especially first time mother has to face and overcome many problems while breast feeding her infant.

Engorgement is the condition of the breasts when it swells up because of increased production of milk .Usually after 2-3 days postpartum, large quantities of milk are produced by breasts to support the infant. But, if the infant is not able to latch properly and remove enough milk efficiently from the breast, problem develops.

Sore nipples are one of the most common problems associated with early breastfeeding. During the period of  pregnancy ,breast too undergo certain changes.Generally the  nipples become more sore than normal days.However,it subsides after the baby latches and starts feeding milk from the breasts.

Infants generally develop a yeast infection in their mouth called thrush.This infection then spreads to the nipples of the mother’s breast thereby causing nipple tenderness thus giving rise to red, painful and cracked sores.

Ankyloglossia or tongue-tie is a condition where infants born with their frenulum connected to the bottom of the mouth. This prevents the infant from latching correctly.

Sometimes because of various reasons milk remains stagnant in certain ducts of the breast thus leading to plugged ducts. Many causes contribute to plug ducts including engorgement or failure to empty the breasts.

Sometimes the breast gets infected and lead to discomfort and pain. The breast area may become red, tender and swollen .Because of these mothers may also develop fever, chills and flue like symptoms. This is called Mastitis.

In some cases of breast feeding, the quantity of milk production and ejection occur at a very fast rate and hence it becomes very difficult for the baby to drink the milk at the same pace. This condition is termed as overactive milk ejection reflex. Because of this infant may cough and let down the milk.

Although women do face some problems while breastfeeding and may lead her to certain amount of distress, discomfort, pain etc.However all these problems should  be treated and sorted out and mother’s should aim in building long and healthy breast feeding relationship.

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Raka Raghuvanshi