Common Worries During Pregnancy

Fear and worry so common and every couple go through it during pregnancy. Normally during pregnancy the couples start thinking about some questions that are pregnancy related. Biggest fear that most of the pregnant women think is the pain that they have to bear during delivery.

Many women’s also start feeling that their husbands will not see them as exciting lovers any more rather they will see them as chubby, milk-stained moms.

Many women’s also start thinking that they might hurt the baby by being active or by having sex but in reality it is rather safe to do most of the activities that you were doing earlier before you conceived.

Some of the women’s also experience spotting or bleeding during pregnancy which leads to the fear in most of them of having miscarriage. In such case there is nothing to panic about, this spotting or bleeding is due to the various changes that takes place in your body during the early stage of your pregnancy.

Among the many questions you might also think that will I harm my baby by swimming or doing exercises in a gym. Experts say that is always  safe to do exercises because, a healthy mom is what the baby needs and moreover, these exercises will help you to have stamina for labor as well as the strength that is required to cope up with the busy schedule after the baby’s birth.

Morning sickness is common during pregnancy and it might make you grim and you’ll start worrying that because of your morning sickness your baby might starve of nutrients. You need not worry about this as your body will keep your baby’s need in front of yours and protect it at any cost.

There are also many other worries that comes into your mind as soon as you become pregnant. Most women have increased discharge and they start to think that they are suffering from some infection which might harm the baby. You do not need to worry about anything at this stage because nature is on your side and a vast majority of babies are born healthy.

geeta krishnan