Communicating With Children – The Most Effective Ways!

Parents often find that they struggle to communicate with their children particularly when they are busy and tired. Teenagers do not appear to be interested in what you have to tell them. If you take the time to sit and listen to them you will likely find that they think you do not care about them.

People believe that communicating with children is difficult, yet it is not as hard as they think it is. It is important that you use positive language and you never dismiss what your children tell you.

Establish a time when you know that you can give your child your undivided attention. Make each child feel special and important so that they valued and loved.

Words are powerful and can leave a lasting impression on people. This is particularly evident as they often act as people believe they do. Tell your children that you will listen to them as you unwind from your busy day at work. Let them know that you care by asking questions where appropriate and offer to help them if they need it.

Remember communicating with children
is hard work so be patient and encourage them to share their stories with you. Smile at your children even if you do not feel like it. A smile means so much to your children as it makes them feel happy that they can please you.

Body language is important as it tells your children far more than what you say to them. Make sure that your non verbal communication matches your words to show your children that you are genuine. You cannot hide your feelings from children as you can from adults as they can see through you.

They will not respect you or your authority if they think that you believe that they are stupid. Praise your children whenever you can. If they have done something nice for you tell them that you appreciate their efforts.

If you believe that communicating with children is difficult listen to them and encourage them to share their stories with you. You will likely be amazed as they respond to your attention and their willingness to please you. Always use positive language as your words will likely have a lasting effect on them.

Remember to tell your children that you appreciate them and their efforts particularly when they help you. In conclusion remember to be patient and only offer to help them if they need it.