Communicating With Newborns

New born babies have a very strong desire to communicate.They cannot speak but they can communicate. They have their unique style of communicating their needs to the parents through their lovely smiles, different types of cries, different body language and even through eye contacts.

New born babies cannot speak however they always respond to their parent’s talk. Communication with newborns helps in developing strong bond between parent and child and hence it is of vital importance.

It also helps the parents in understanding and knowing their newborns. Active interactions and communication with newborns, stimulates the brain cells and thus help in building speaking as well as language power more efficiently.

Parent must always pay attention to their newborns. This makes them feel special and loved .This helps in building strong relationship and in bonding with face and voice.

During this time, parents must make an eye contact with their newborns and talk to them. Although, this communication is one sided and the newborns do not reply back but they are good listeners and surely respond back in their  own way through signals that is through movements or sounds.

While speaking to newborns, parents must keep their face in close proximity of kids or can even hold them .This helps them to see their parent’s face and recognize their voice. Parents must use few simple, rhythmic words to express their love towards them and repeat them slowly such that it is clearly audible.

Crying is the main method of newborn’s communication. They practice it differently for different reasons.So, parents must respond to it immediately. Spending time and talking with newborns, helps parents to know and understand their infants more and thus helps them in meeting their infant’s needs with love and attention.

Communication with newborns is an art and helps parents to handle their newborns. In addition, to the above mentioned ways, some of the other basic tips are:

* Hugging them, curdling them, and paying attention. This the most effective form of communication.

* Music attracts newborns.So; parents must speak to them in musical voice. This is called motherese.

* Must talk to them, singnursery rhymes and listen music together.

* Repetitions help newborns to respond, learn and react.

* While changing diaper, giving bath, massaging them, dressing them, feeding them, parents can interact and speak with them.

Raka Raghuvanshi