Conceiving a Girl

There are many couples who long to have a baby girl as their first child but are still perplexed about how to ensure the delivery of a baby girl. You may have a couple of boys and now want to have a baby girl who will be a little angel and will bring oodles of joy for everyone. There are certain methods by which you can hope for a baby girl and thankfully the success rate of these methods is close to 90%. There are some rubbish theories which will ask you to make love in the afternoon or only in the even days of the month.

There are bizarre stories too like placing a wooden spoon under the bed. Don’t believe these. Instead you can try any of the following methods which are not only scientific but also almost destined to bring guaranteed success.

Sex in certain positions

In order to have a baby girl it is advised that you should have sex in those positions which does not allow deep penetrations. The most preferred position is the missionary position where the man is on top of the woman. There is shallow penetration and therefore ideal for making a baby girl. The theory is that the closer the man is to the vagina, it becomes harder for the Y – sperm to make it to the egg. The Y – sperm is actually more fragile than the X – sperm and therefore fails to unite with the egg. The Y – sperm, however, makes it to the egg and chances increase for the woman to conceive a girl.

Repeated sex

Generally sperm is able to survive for a period of 6 days only. So the trick is to stop having sex around 3 days before you ovulate and the chances are that the more spirited X – sperm will make it through the days to fertilize the egg after successfully making the journey through the fallopian tube.

The last method is to have frequent sex during this period so that the sperm count of the partner decreases appreciably. However, the flip side is that too much sex will lower the sperm count of the partner so much that it will be harder for the partner to conceive even.