Constipation During Pregnancy

Complaints of constipation are very common amongst pregnant ladies. They can occur anytime during pregnancy, its mainly caused due to hormonal changes.

Another reason why your body may get constipated maybe because your body retains water and as and when you progress in your pregnancy your digestive system may go awry leading to constipation.

Also, your lower intestines start to relax and as the baby grows it starts putting pressure on them.

In the first trimester you are usually attacked by morning sickness, this makes you averse of almost all types of food and because your diet is inappropriate you start suffering from gas. Also, the doctor prescribes you certain medications, mainly supplements which may also cause irregular bowels.

One of the best possible ways to curb constipation is by keeping yourself hydrated, keep drinking plenty of water and fresh juices. Your body tends to retain water making your bowels harder, hence you’ll need to keep hydrating yourself.

The water will also help flush out the toxins left back by the supplement pills. While having fruits, have those with high fiber content. This will help in movement of waste through your body and help in easy elimination.

Ginger is a good digestive element and adding a pinch of ginger in your diet helps prevent indigestion, gas formation and eventually prevent constipation. Some doctors advise consumption of dates to help relieving constipation.

Another way you can prevent constipation is by not holding it in when you want to go, the longer you hold it in the more drier it will get and more harder it will be for you to flush it out of your body.

There are chances you may not feel constipated for a long time but when you start feeling a little discomfort it is better to act on it immediately.

Move around and get some exercise as much as possible and avoid eating any processed or refined food which is very binding in nature. Remember that the high amount of progesterone released by our body will relax your muscles so the having too much sweets and refined food will definitely lead to constipation.

If you have the symptoms of constipation, visit your doctor immediately. Try and cut down on iron supplements and have fiber based supplements instead. Also do not have mineral oils or laxatives to get relief, having them during pregnancy can harm your baby. Get ample exercise and keep yourself hydrates, prevention is definitely possible in this case.

Meera M.Das