Constipation During Pregnancy

All the good things in the world comes with a few conditions.So does pregnancy comes with a lot of side effects.One of such problems is constipation during pregnancy.Constipation is nothing but improper or lack of timely and regular bowel movements.

The degree of constipation varies from person to person, for some it might be mild and not noticeable for some it would be severe and intolerable.But almost all pregnant women have to go through this agony at some point of time or the other during pregnancy.

Not that it is impossible to prevent or cure, a few changes in your habits can keep constipation during pregnancy at bay.

A number of factors are responsible for constipation during pregnancy.It could be due to lack of fluids in body, lack of exercise, taking stress, consumption of calcium or iron pills, etc.At times it is even caused as a result of the growing size of baby pushing against your intestines.

It makes the intestines more relaxed and it does not function properly causing constipation.The hormone progesterone is responsible for relaxing the muscles and hence your intestine also.

The best thing you could is to prevent constipation in every way you can.Avoid doing all the things that could lead to constipation during pregnancy.

Preventing constipation during pregnancy
is not very easy but not impossible either.To begin with get adequate amount of rest and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.Make it a point to workout daily to keep away from all sorts of ailments during pregnancy.

Include a lot of foods rich in fibers like whole grains, cereals, fruits , vegetables, legumes etc. to your diet.Do not control your stools for a long period of time.

Make it a point to pass it when you feel like it.Also do not put too much pressure on your bowel movements as this will strain you.Consume supplements like iron and calcium in adequate amounts only.Do not take too much of anything as anything in excess in not good for health.

Take proper medication after consulting your doctor if your problem persists.Come what may do not ignore any ailment during pregnancy.

Constipation during pregnancy may not seem like a very severe problem but prolonged constipation could deteriorate your health as the toxins will not be released from your body causing damage to you and your baby.