Contractions During pregnancy

Contractions During pregnancyWhen a woman is pregnant, she is likely to experience a wonderful lot of things and come across many experiences which will be awe-inspiring.  Contractions during pregnancy are one such amazing thing.

Every pregnant lady would experience these, so that she can prepare herself for all the experiences which her pregnancy brings to her, and contractions are part of this experience that prepare the lady for experiencing the labor.  To be able to give birth successfully, a woman needs to be able to handle her contractions calmly.

There is a variety of contractions which a lady experiences when she is pregnant and these should be properly learnt to understand the kinds of contractions she will face and how to handle them. A woman experiencing contractions for the first time without the proper knowledge about it may not be able to handle it well. You need to be able to understand what your body is going through in the birth process. The important types of contractions are discussed below:

Contractions of Braxton Hicks are known also as pre-labor or false contractions. This will help the woman to learn how to experience contractions and as her cervix dilates this is a normal occurrence. These contractions occur when the lady reaches the third semester of the pregnancy. Braxton Hicks Contractions are usual symptomatic of muscles of uterus tightening up and leaving a feeling of a squeeze in the groin or lower stomach.

These contractions usually occur during evening or afternoon, especially when the lady is hungry, stressful, or had a tiring day. These contractions will usually disappear when the lady drinks plenty of water or changes her position. Some ladies don’t even notice these contractions. To prevent the frequent occurrence of this type of contractions, a pregnant woman should not tire herself too much and drink lots of water.

Contractions on the onset of labor will be of longer duration, and they will grow longer and stronger. As a woman is about to give birth, the contractions become less far apart and each contraction lasts longer than the last one. These contractions are not only inconvenient but also can be painful to some extent, and can last for hours or even days. These early labor contractions start from the back with forward movements which would render the lady’s stomach to become hard. If such contractions appear in the 6th month of your pregnancy, you should consult your doctor immediately and seek advice.

Pregnancy is a time when you are expecting a lot of things. This is one of the unavoidable things you have to experience when you are pregnant. Giving birth is a painful but rewarding experience. It is a gift to be able to bring a new life into this world. You should enjoy every moment of being pregnant. After all this is an experience only a woman can go through, and an experience which is exclusive and individual to every woman. Once you finally hold your precious angel in your arms, you will forget all the pain that you had to go through just to bring your precious angel into this world.