Coping Up with the Labor Pain

Most of the expecting mothers are quite frightened about facing the labor pain during their delivery of the baby. Labor pain is quite natural for every mother, who is going to have normal delivery. However the intensity of the pain could vary from person to person. There are few widely used techniques which can prepare you to cope up with this excruciating pain during the birth of your child.

Regular exercising and healthy diet throughout the pregnancy period can help your muscles to become strong and flexible. The flexibility of your muscles will definitely reduce the physical stress during the labor time. Regular exercise also helps to increase in endurance power. Extra energy and endurance will help you to keep up the spirit in case of long period of delivery. Other than normal exercises, you can also start practicing Yoga. Yoga has been very useful to increase the mental confidence as well as to improve the body fitness, so that you can have a minimum pain labor.

Other than this, you can get admitted to the Lamaze classes to learn more about the pregnancy. This technique helps you to know more about the source of pain and how you can control the feeling of pain. It also prepares you mentally by teaching the philosophy that giving birth is the most natural process on earth. Through this course you will learn certain breathing exercises, relaxation methods or massaging techniques – which will come handy during the delivery time.

Another popular method is known as Bradley method, which involves active participation of your partner. This method is built on the philosophy, which claims that both the parents should be involved in the birthing process. It will encourage you to stay on healthy diet and exercise from the very first day of your pregnancy, without using any pain-killer medication. Here also you can learn basic breathing techniques to control the pain during contractions and relaxation techniques to recharge yourself between the contractions.

However, none of the above methods can guarantee you absolutely painless delivery. In case you feel the pain is unbearable during your delivery process, then you can ask your doctor to give you pain medication, tranquilizer or epidural depending on the intensity of labor pain.