Coping With Behavioral Changes In Your Teenager

Every teenager goes through some heavy behavioral changes and it becomes very difficult for the parents to deal with these. Teenage is a very delicate age and the child does not like parental interference  in his work during this stage of life.

Though these changes are natural, the parents need to deal with them very carefully as these are the formative years of the child. Any improper decision of yours will have a direct impact on your child and it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Earlier your child was craving for your attention and made sure that you never missed any of those parents – teacher meetings. But as soon as they enter the teenage years, your advice is no longer sought. They have a sort of “I don’t need you anymore” attitude which is commonplace but the parents find it hard to digest.

It is very natural for the parents to feel dejected and they might even react violently. But this is a huge mistake. The teenagers, at this stage, have a range of conflicting emotions and a sudden outburst from one of the parents does not help the matter at all.

The best course of action for a parent should be to be patient as these phases generally go away by the time he/she enters college. However, I am not suggesting that you must overlook any misbehavior. It is your task to maintain a strict discipline in the household.

There should be some basic ground rules so that the child thinks twice before displaying any of the whimsical attitudes. At the same time, he might feel secure to know that there is somebody at home to whom he can reach out to in case he wants to share something or if h is facing any problem.

You might notice that your child spends less time with you and more time chatting with friends, sending text messages and visiting the social networking sites. You can overlook these things if your child is doing well in his studies but still you need to monitor the websites that he visits and what gets posted on the many social networking sites.

You can even instruct him from time to time to pay his own cell phone bill out of his pocket money. Just try to handle all situations maturely as you, too, had been a teenager once.