Coping with Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

The joy of becoming a mother far surpasses all other joys…this is truly a beautiful miracle of a tiny little being perfectly being formed in your body.

The bonding is remarkable, the love so special and you really cannot draw a line between you and your little baby. You feel the movement, you enjoy the kicking, you feel the gentle touch…you really begin to enjoy and appreciate God’s wonderful creation.

But then suddenly the unexpected happens…your pregnancy is suddenly terminated or you give birth to a stillborn baby or it could be any other complication. Suddenly you find it is all over and the little life inside you is gone forever…the feeling is seriously heartbreaking and you find it traumatizing to accept the loss.

You may experience loneliness, depression or you may even feel left out as your partner may not fully understand how upset you feel. One important tip when you go through this kind of loneliness due to a terminated pregnancy or miscarriage or could even be the loss of a new born do not isolate. You generally feel like being alone but remember everyone cares about you. You may need your time and space but do not seek too much solitude…it may make you brood and indulge in self pity.

You need to continue with your daily routine. Some people get so isolated, lose appetite, do not feel like doing anything…may be that is the way you’ll feel but overcoming it early is important. Try doing things you like…go shopping, watch a favorite movie, try a quiet getaway with your partner, they may make you feel much better.

You will have lot of people comforting you but some statements can be hurting and irritating too. They will not be able to actually relate with you unless they have gone through it themselves so either ignore such statements or avoid too much communication.

You can go to places with people around you and still avoid too much interaction. Be positive and look forward to the next chance. Spend quality time with your partner and look forward to getting pregnant again. You may need to be extra careful so take special care of yourself…cherish the memory of you tiny baby but don’t brood.

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Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.