Coping With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a very common problem and is faced by most of the women during first trimester of pregnancy. Morning sickness is actually vomiting and nausea and it can happen at any time of the day. It does not hurt your baby in any way unless you are able to keep your food down and don’t loose weight because of vomiting.

The causes of morning sickness are not known. But some of the factors are changes in hormones or lower blood sugar levels. Tensions, fatigue, stress can make it worse. Some foods or smells can also trigger the sickness.

So always try to feel happy and positive as morning sickness reduces or stops after the third or fourth month of pregnancy.

To reduce nausea you can try these home care tips:

Try to take small meals at regular intervals instead of one large meal.

Take foods which are high in protein value.

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Avoid spicy and fatty foods.

Take time to get out of bed. Sit up slowly.

Drink ginger tea as ginger is known to settle stomachs.

Increase the content of vitamin B6 in your diet.

Take frequent deep breaths.

Wear comfortable clothes. Tight clothes around the waist can worsen the effects of nausea.Never take any medicine to stop morning sickness without consulting your doctor.

If you are a working woman, try to arrange a comfortable mode of transport. Always carry a lot of tissues with you. Keep your working area well ventilated. Try to sit in a airy and smoke free room. Keep a mouthwash with nice flavors in your handbag.

You must immediately consult your doctor if you loose weight during pregnancy or you vomit blood.

There is a severe morning sickness called hypermesis gravidarium which happens in .5 percent of pregnancies. If not treated timely, it can lead to life threatening complications for mother as well as the baby.

Symptoms of hypermesis gravidarium are severe nausea, excessive vomiting and dehydration, maternal weight loss. Your skin may look pale and dry.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, talk to your doctor. Doctor will take immediate steps which will help you through your pregnancy to term.

chhavi khullar