Cost of IVF

The IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the process by which healthy female egg cells gets fertilized by the male sperm outside the female uterus. This happens when due to the conditions of the uterus or the non – viability of the sperm, the parents is unable to conceive a child in the normal manner.

The procedure is a complex one. The female hormonal process is controlled and the ova are harvested from the ovaries of the woman. After that the male sperm is harvested.

Now these two are inserted in a fluid medium and given proper conditions so that fertilization takes place. After the fertilization of the egg the zygote is re-inserted into the uterus of a woman to initiate a successful pregnancy.

The process might seem to be simple but the cost is very high indeed. The expense of one IVF cycle or the process of idealizing conditions outside the uterus is a minimum of $12,000 but can rise to a maximum of $20,000. You should avoid those places where IVF is offered at a lower price as these places may not be equipped to ensure a proper hormonal treatment for a successful fertilization.

There are additional IVF costs which make the total cost of IVF procedure very steep indeed. The direct injection of the sperm into the egg will cost $1000 and the genetic testing of the embryo may push you back by an additional $3000.

Again, if the uterus is found to be unfit for proper development of the fetus, then the cost of the procedure will reach great heights. If the pregnancy is outsourced, then the egg donors would cost $30,000 per cycle, the sperm donors would cost from $200 but can go up to $17,000 per IVF procedure cycle.

IVF procedure may seem simple on the onset but the whole arrangement can cost you thousands of dollars for each attempt to fertilize an egg. This is just the actual cost of the IVF.

There are ancillary cost related to this such as drug therapy and stress. It is true that loads of money are required to start an IVF procedure but once you see your bundle of joy, you will understand that the money was well worth spent.