Cramping During Pregnancy – 3 Ways To Reduce Painful Pregnancy Cramps

Cramping during pregnancy is a common occurrence. Most women experience similar cramping during their menstrual cycle. Perhaps this is the reason that most pregnant women do not take cramping very seriously.

But pregnancy cramps may not be the regular one and in some cases may also indicate that there exist some problems in the body.

The most common causes of cramping during pregnancy include gas, constipation, stretching of the ligaments, implantation, false labor and indication of the arrival of the baby. If you experience cramping due to these reasons then there is nothing to worry about and you will just need to learn the ways how you could reduce this painful cramping.

In some cases, cramping is also related to fever, chills, bleeding, vaginal discharge, and lightheadedness. In such cases, you need to report these symptoms to your doctor and seek medical advice. 3 ways to reduce painful pregnancy cramps are given below.

Non-exerting exercises can be very beneficial for reducing painful pregnancy cramps. The most convenient exercise during pregnancy can be walking. It aids in the relaxation of the muscle tension and thus helps in relieving the painful cramps. Non-exerting exercises like walking will help you to remain healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy phase. Remaining fit can eliminate and minimize some other pregnancy problems too, apart from reducing the cramps.

Sudden and quick change in position can also lead to painful cramps during pregnancy. So the second way to reduce painful pregnancy cramps is to avoid sudden positional changes. Hence, if you are in a sitting position and have to get up then don’t get up quickly. Take your time for this so that your mind is prepared for this action. Quick positional changes should be avoided as it can also cause cramps in your thighs.

Regular stretching is very effective in getting rid of the painful pregnancy cramps. If you stretch on a regular basis, your muscles will be very much relaxed and supple, which will help in preventing injury and will also reduce cramps. While performing stretches, you should keep in mind to avoid those stretches that exert pressure on your stomach. Also, do not lie on your abdomen because it can be very risky for your developing baby.

Remain happy and eat a healthy diet. Avoid foods that cause gas as it could also lead to cramps.

Geeta Kumari