Critical Thinking Activities For Children

Critical Thinking Activities For ChildrenChildren’s are often told what to think but they remain ignorant about how to think. In education system proper time is devoted to make the child think about various issues but no efforts are made on developing the critical thinking of children.

Many children do not have the proper mental skills to critically think on an issue and hence arrived at a conclusion which is not worth it.  It becomes necessary for parents to teach their children the advantage of critical thinking. There are few methods by which you can develop critical thinking skills in your child.

Critical Thinking Activities For Children

Encourage Child to Ask Questions

Make your child learn how to ask questions to improve his critical thinking. Encourage him to ask questions, compare different situations, think forward and apply various combinations of ideas to understand a particular situation.

Ensuring the Child that Asking questions is a Normal Exercise

It must be made clear in kid’s mind that asking questions is normal and it will deepen their knowledge on a particular subject. There are no questions which does not have any answer.

Self Preparation to Answer the Questions

Whenever you are dealing with kids you should make yourself prepared to answer all their questions. These question answer sessions will make them confident that they know how to ask questions and how to think critical.

Promote Open Ended Questions

Always promote child to ask open ended questions instead of asking yes or no questions. This open ended discussion will help the kid to develop critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Activities

Encourage Child’s Imagination

Imaginations are always larger than reality and give the child the required derive to move forward. Ask your child to draw a picture or write a story as per their imagination. This activity will help child to learn how to think.

Encourage Child to take their own Decisions

Give your child a basic knowledge of any particular subject and then ask him to apply that knowledge in his life. In this way he will learn to take decisions by thinking critically.

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Encourage Children to clear their Doubts

It is important that children’s doubts should be clear quickly before they arrive at a conclusion which might be wrong.

Encourage them to Listen Carefully

Critical thinking can be developing by listening to other people carefully. Create a game by asking children to repeat what they have heard and what they think about the topic discussed.

Exposing Child to Challenging Activities

There are so many challenging activities for children such as playing mazes, puzzles, chess etc. These all activities will help the children to think critically.

Ask Hypothetical Questions

Children should be asked hypothetical questions to test their knowledge. They should be given the chance to think on other sides of their answers.

It is important to develop critical thinking in children but it cannot be done until children are emotionally and mentally prepared for it. So once the child learns how to think critically he will think better and better.

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