Croup Cough And Its Complications

Mother gets worried when her infant suffers from any illness. Children commonly suffer from respiratory infections due to low immunity and high susceptibility to changes in atmosphere.

When child suffers from noisy and loud cough, then mother gets tensed even more. Croup is a respiratory infection. Find all about croup cough and save your baby from any ill effects of croup.

Croup is called as laryngo-tracheobronchitis in medical world. It is upper respiratory tract infection caused by a virus. Parainfluenzae virus, rhinovirus, adenovirus and rhino synctial virus are responsible for causing croup in children.

Children from 1 to 5 years of age are usually affected. There is involvement of the voice box of the body. Hence when the child breathes, a loud sound accompanies breathing. This sound is termed as stridor. It has two peaks and hence termed as ‘biphasic’ in nature.

Cough is also loud and noisy. Cough is like that of barking of that of a dog. Fever is an associated symptom in this infection. Fever is usually low grade to moderate. The infection takes a number of days to progress. Narrowing of the airway takes place as the infection progresses.

This causes the stridor to become more severe. There is difficulty in breathing.  Child becomes tired soon and sleeps often. The sound from chest during breathing is also heard when the child is sleeping.

Mild croup can be treated at home. Mother is advised to give warm steam to the child. If the child is restless and unable to inhale the steam, then mother is asked to sit in a bathroom in which hot water is made to flow.

The steam from the hot water fills the bathroom and the child breathes in this steam which is beneficial to the child. If diagnosed early and taken good care, the child will get well within two days.

If the disease progresses, then obstruction to the airway also increases due to progressive narrowing of the airway. In severe cases, there is fast breathing by the child.

Child becomes restless and anxious and due to lack of oxygen, the skin of the child can become blue in appearance.Breathing sound decreases and stridor also decreases because of it. Such cases require immediate hospitalisation treatment.