Cyber Bullying- Tips to Protect Your Kid From Mobile and Internet Malpractices

Cyber bullying occurs when a teen, preteen or child is harassed, embarrassed, humiliated or threatened by another teen, preteen or child through mobile phones, digital technologies or internet.Kids sent instant text massages, photos or even videos to others to threaten them.

Sometimes they create a fake identity of someone else and used it to send or say inappropriate things on behalf of the faked identity. Sometimes they steal the password of one person and send mails or chat to provoke the friends of the other person or even strangers. They may even use this password to change the profile of the child and to add racial or sexual things.

Nowadays there are a lot of blogs that provides fun and allows kids to send messages to others. Some kids misuse these blog to post false, inappropriate information about some other kid and thus to degrade and criticize the kid in front of others. Similarly certain kids create websites to post personal information and pictures of other kid to humiliate him.

Sending picture through internet or mobile phones, internet polling, interactive gaming, sending malicious code, sending porn, junk mail, impersonation etc can also be occurred. As a parent if you know the things happening around the world, you can protect your kid from such issues.

How to Save the Children

First of all parents need to listen to their kid and encourage them to speak about anything that hurts them. Urge them to show the offensive or abusive mails or pictures they got in their mail box or mobile phone and help them to report the issue in the school or police or internet service provider. Also ask them not to respond to any such messages or phone calls. This is because most of the abuser prefers the reactions that help them to take it forward.

Teach them
to keep their password, phone number, email address safe and discourage them to give such information to someone else outside their friend or family circle. Take enough precaution such as in built internet safety
features, software that filter email from people other than of your choice. Also change the phone number or email address if the abuser is creating more issues.

Watch the kid whether heshe is upset after completing a phone call or message or email, if so talk to them. Also try to know how the kid is using the digital technologies and teach him to respect his friends and think before posting anything online. Also make them realize the consequence and suggest them to use only moderated chat rooms, messages and phone calls.