Dance Your Way Through the Pregnancy Blues

Dancing is not only considered as fun but also an exercise that helps you to be fit. Most of the women are extremely fond of dancing, but detest exercising.

Dancing has 2 in 1 benefit.  It is extremely fun to do and the fitness part just follows. Even during pregnancy, you can continue to dance as it will help you to be fit and fine.

Following are the tips for dancing your way through pregnancy:

Take the advice of our health care provider before joining any dance class or continuing with your already existing one. Pregnancy conditions defer from woman to woman. There would be a woman who’s physical and health condition won’t permit them to dance during pregnancy.

Avoid opting for dances which require jumping or rigorous movement of your body as this may cause harm to you as well as your unborn baby.

Till what time you continue the dance class, all depends on your condition.

Most probably, your health provider and dance instructor will suggest you to continue the dance till the 7th month of your pregnancy and not beyond that.

Belly dance form is considered to be a good exercise during pregnancy. Infact many experts consider belly dance to be perfectly designed for motherhood.  It helps in maintaining the pelvic floor tone, gives flexibility, improves your posture and coordination. Apart from that it is fun and enjoyable too.

There are many other forms of dance such as tap dancing, salsa etc. which can be comfortably done during pregnancy. However, till what time, you can continue to do the dance during your pregnancy tenure varies from dance to dance.

Make sure that you take breaks and drink water during your dance session.

Don’t go overboard with your dance. Always remember that there is a little child inside you.

Wear right kind of shoes in order to avoid tripping or falling. Most of the dance forms like belly dance require you to be barefooted.

Avoid listening to people who might discourage you from joining any dance classes during pregnancy. These people actually come from the old school of thought that dancing during pregnancy is not safe. As long as your health care provider and our body approve it, just ignore others.

During the last 3 months of pregnancy, if you are still continuing with your dance sessions, make sure that you reduce or tone down the frequency and the intensity of your dance.